Get $125 off your camp fee!

ANNOUNCING A CHANCE FOR EVERY CAMPER TO EARN $125 OFF THEIR 2020 CAMP FEE! Calvary Chapel’s popular Sunday School rewards program is back for 2019-2020!  *** this only applies at Calvary Chapel ***

HOW IT WORKS:  Sunday School teachers will take attendance at 9:45 AM each Sunday morning from November 17 to June 28. 

WHAT YOU GET: For every 5 Sundays you are in Sunday School, you earn a $25 credit towards Camp Berean Way 2020!  If you are totally amazing and are in Sunday School at Calvary Chapel 25 of those Sundays, you will get the maximum prize of $125 off camp! 

Parents are gonna love this program! It’s also great for those friends who you want to invite to camp next year! It will be much easier for their folks to send them to camp when they’ve already earned a $125 credit!