Camp Information

What you’ll do during the day:

8:45-10 AMCHAPEL
Swimming, climbing/zipline/ropes, or free time with your age group
Swimming, crafts, free time, go karts, giant swing with your age group
5:45-6:45 PMCHAPEL

REGISTRATION: Complete the online registration form for each camper. You will choose your payment method (credit/debit card or check) when you submit the registrations. Payments may be made in full, or we accept a $50 nonrefundable deposit per child with the balance due by July 22, 2021.

LOCATION: Camp CHOF is located at 1820 Deerfield Ave NW Dalton, OH 44618, conveniently just off Route 30 on the western edge of Stark County.

CHECK-IN FOR CAMPERS: Check-in is on SUNDAY, AUGUST 8, between 3 and 5 pm.

CHECK-OUT FOR CAMPERS: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11 at 7 pm. Please note that we end on Wednesday this year, not Saturday!

WHAT TO BRING/NOT TO BRING: Please see the “Packing List” tab for a complete list.

All campers should dress modestly. No spaghetti strap tops, short shorts, or midriffs showing. All clothing should be respectable and in good taste. No clothing with printing that may be offensive will be permitted. Items deemed inappropriate will be confiscated. Securely mark all items with a permanent marker.

No weapons, cell phones or other electronics! We are not responsible for the return of these items! We’re not responsible for lost or stolen items. See the “Packing List” tab for more information.

MAIL: No mail should be sent this year due to the limited number of days we will be at camp.

PHONE: CAMPERS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO HAVE A CELL PHONE, AND PARENTS ARE NOT ABLE TO VISIT OR CALL THEIR CHILD DURING THE WEEK EXCEPT FOR AN EMERGENCY. This is a policy not only of Camp Berean Way but of Camp CHOF as well. Cell phones or electronics that appear at camp will be confiscated by CBW staff or CHOF staff.

In case of an emergency, Camp Berean Way directors may
be contacted at (330) 575-0807 for Brady or (330) 844-5937 for Rachel. The Camp CHOF office number is (330) 837-1534 or (330) 477-6267 ext. 126.

We have instructed our counselors and staff NOT to give parents their personal contact information. We want them focused on caring for and interacting with the campers, not answering calls and texts!

Campers are not permitted off the Camp grounds without the Camp Director’s prior permission and your written consent.

VISITORS: NO visitation by parents or former campers is permitted, as much as we love you guys! Camp CHOF and Camp Berean Way both have policies stating that after 5 pm on Sunday and until 7 pm on Wednesday, the only people allowed on the camp grounds are the ones registered to be there. Thank you for helping us keep the kids safe.

EMERGENCY CARE: In case of minor illness or accident, the camp nurse will care for campers as parents are contacted through the numbers provided. In an emergency, we will call 911 and notify parents. Costs are the responsibility of the family. You are responsible to submit any medical claim(s) your child incurs to your insurance provider.

MEDICATIONS: The camp nurse will dispense daily medication to your child as directed by the parents. All medications must be in the original bottle or packaging,

SECURITY: Camp Berean Way’s staff of volunteers have all had background checks and sex offender checks. Per Camp CHOF, a sheriff deputy patrols the Camp grounds every evening through the following morning.

COVID: We’re looking forward to a great time learning about the Lord and glorifying His Name! Following the state/local guidelines that will be in place during camp, we will have a screening questionnaire at check-in for campers. As always, campers will be reminded to respect each other’s personal space. In the cabins, they will sleep so their heads are the farthest apart possible. Masks will be worn during receiving of food in the dining hall and otherwise at the comfort level of the camper’s family. We encourage cleanliness and handwashing or use of hand sanitizer.