Parents, you see that the price of a week at Camp Berean Way is $300 and you may panic a little.  That’s a big chunk of change to lay out at one time, especially if you have more than one camper!  We wish we didn’t have to charge anything for camp, but there are a lot of costs involved. We try very hard to make it as affordable as possible for families.  Here’s where your money actually goes:

  1. Food!  Each camper will eat 17 meals at CBW.  Say you were at a cheap fast-food joint, you’d pay $4 for a kid’s meal with a drink.  Well, $4 x 17 is $68.  And that’s just breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  We also give the kids two snacks a day.  Most camps just provide the meals and have kids bring extra money and buy snacks from their store if they want something.  At Camp Berean Way, you don’t have to send extra money for anything.IMG_2809
  2. cbw2005 020Lodging.  Camp Berean Way rents the facilities of Camp Y-Noah.  We have to pay for all the campers to stay in the cabins, which are insulated and not too primitive!  Having flushing toilets and real showers is also worth paying for!
  3. Recreational activities: these are amazing!  Every day, your camper will have swimming time in the lake, where Y-Noah’s trained lifeguards are watching over them while they play on fun inflatable water toys.  Also every afternoon, they get to go boating.  We get Y-Noah’s lifeguards, canoes and funyaks!  So that’s every day they are getting access to the water activities.  How much would you have to pay for a week’s pass at a local lake with swimming and boating?  Then they will have one day of climbing where Y-Noah’s staff will be manning the ropes, helping them conquer some really challenging, confidence-inspiring courses!  There will also be one morning of archery.  Each afternoon, they will have an hour to make some pretty cool crafts. Again, there is no extra charge for any of these activities, as there would be at some camps.  Then we also have the hundreds of acres of woods to explore for hiking and gathering materials for the annual egg drop!  There will be two campfires during the week and exciting games and activities every day.
  4. Care.  Kids are getting 24 hour a day supervision from CBW staff as well as from the Y-Noah staff for the activities that need certified providers, plus Y-Noah’s kitchen and maintenance staff.  We are so fortunate that CBW staff are all volunteers and we don’t have to charge enough to cover a payroll.  Your child’s counselor is here all week because they want to be, because they love the kids and the CBW experience, not because they are a college student just trying to make a few bucks before school starts again!  Many of our staff are parents who are giving up a week of their vacation time because they know how valuable Camp Berean Way is in a child’s life and relationship with God.  We also have lots of former campers who become counselors once they are too old for camp, because they want to be part of giving someone else an experience like they had at CBW!

We know that Camp Berean Way is special.  We feel there is no way to compare our camp and the fun we have in the atmosphere of Christian unity with anything else, but we do encourage you to see what other sleepaway camps are charging.  Camp Berean Way is on the low end of the price range for many camps we’ve checked, and we’ll always try to keep it that way!

We hope you see that paying for your child to attend Camp Berean Way will be worth it! Please, please, take advantage of the discounts we offer.  Get the neighbor kids or the school friends to sign up with your child, and make sure to send in the registration by June 19 to get a registration discount!  We are so excited for CBW 2017, and we want to have as many campers as Camp Y-Noah can hold (and trust us, that’s a lot!)!