Sunday School Discount Program!

You could get $150 off Camp Berean Way 2018!

That’s right, you can earn up to $150 off!

It’s because of an amazing new program Calvary Chapel is starting:

For every 5 Sundays you come to Sunday School at Calvary Chapel,

You get $25 off your camp fee!

We’ll start keeping track September 10 and go throughout the school year (last Sunday for the camp discount program is May 27), so if you’re dedicated to doing it, you can earn that $150 discount!


This only applies to Sunday School at Calvary Chapel.  If you’re involved in another church, that’s great!  We hope you are learning a lot about God and the Bible and serving others through your own church.  Many of you campers live too far away to come to church at Calvary Chapel!  We sent this email to all campers and staff members just to make sure that everyone knows what Calvary Chapel is doing.  If you do live close to the Massillon/Jackson Township area and you don’t have a church where you regularly go, we hope you’ll take advantage of this program.


All other discounts CBW offers will still be in effect.  So, for example, if you have a friend that you’ve been wanting to come to camp but they haven’t been able to afford it, both of you come to Sunday School at Calvary Chapel and earn the $150.  Then your friend also gets the $10 off for being a new camper, and you get $5 off for inviting a friend!  If you go even further and sign up by the early bird deadline, you won’t pay much at all for camp in 2018!

So mark this on your calendar:

Sunday School at Calvary Chapel

9:30 AM

Starting Sun, September 10


There are classes for everyone from 3 years old thru adults, so your parents and little sibs can come, too!  Sunday School is more relaxed time of Bible study where you’re encouraged to get comfortable, talk, and usually eat.  We’d love to answer any questions you have about this great program.  See you in Sunday School!

Brady and Rachel