Why Camp Berean Way?

Why choose Camp Berean Way this summer?  There are so many ways to spend one of the last weeks before school starts again, so why is Camp Berean Way the best?

Because of the fun.  Because of the friends.  Because of the faith!


Fun — all the activities we’ve mentioned everywhere else: swimming, boating, climbing, hiking, campfires, games and activities!  You won’t believe how much fun you can have when you’re outside, enjoying God’s amazing creation, and free from the pressures and craziness of the world!  You’re going to do things you never thought you could do.  Maybe that means attempting some physical activity you’ve never tried.  Maybe that means participating in a skit with your cabin.  Maybe that means helping a younger camper in the counselor hunt.  Maybe it means standing up at the campfire and sharing something from your heart.

Friends — you’ll be with a group of boys or girls your age in a cabin with one or two adult counselors.  You’ll do many of the daily activities with all the boys and girls in your age group (Junior, Ranger, or Senior).  There will be other times when everyone at camp is together playing games, singing, or doing other activities.  But the point is, you’ll be with these kids all week, and without the distractions of TV, the internet, and social media, you’ll really BE present.  When you face physical or emotional challenges at camp, instead of googling “how do i get through this?” or calling your parents, you’ll find that your counselor and your cabinmates will pull together and help you rise above the challenge!  When you have a triumph, they will be there to celebrate with you and support you.  Then when you leave camp, these friends will stick with you because you’ve had experiences together that you haven’t had with anyone else.  They’ve heard the Bible teachers share God’s truths with you, and they know how these things have challenged you or stirred up your spirit.

Faith — that’s why Camp Berean Way exists.  There are other camps you could go to where you could swim or boat on a lake, where you could play soccer or volleyball, where you could hike or sit around a campfire.  You could even go to Camp Y-Noah during another week of the summer and you’d get that stuff.  But you wouldn’t get Camp Berean Way.  We do all the camp stuff to make sure kids have fun and want to keep coming back, but when you sit down in chapel or lay on your bunk as your counselor leads a nighttime devotion, that’s what Camp Berean Way is.  Camp Berean Way is sharing God’s grace.  Making sure everyone knows that God loves you!  We can’t ever be “good enough” for God.  We can’t hope to go to heaven or to have a relationship with Him in our natural state, because we’ve all sinned.  We’ve all messed up.  But Jesus solved that problem for us when He died on the cross.  He paid the punishment for all our sins when He died on the cross, and then He rose from the dead to prove that His power is greater than death!  And all we have to do is believe that He did that for us.  That’s it.  Just believe.  It’s grace.  You’ll hear it from your Bible teachers and your counselors.  You’ll see it in their lives.  And hopefully you’ll want it in your life, too